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  • Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!
  • It’s Black History Month✊🏾 and we’re making history, HER STORY.

One question I’m always asked is “what is it like being a black woman in real estate?” TBH, you’ll have to click on the bio and watch our latest episode to know😝. Just know Khalil and I pride ourselves on being landlords with a conscious. We aren’t just managing rentals—we do way more for our tenants than make sure their space is nice.

- My experience as a #Blackwoman in #realestate and construction
- Why I don’t allow #impostorsyndrome to win
- How to be the investor possible
- What being a woman investor has taught me

Link in bio to watch.
  • Not gonna lie...we're a pretty great tag team.

And in a few weeks, we're tackling one of the biggest challenges in real estate. **Construction, Contractors And Managing Rehab** We can't wait to host you in Baltimore for another dope Mobilize Baltimore Meetup.

This workshop finna blow your socks off as we dive into all things construction.

And oh yea...there's an exclusive after party that you won't want to miss!

What questions do you want answered about construction, contractors and managing rehab?? Let us know in the comments!! Link in bio or at for tickets!
  • I already know folk are gonna be mad but let's have a discussion... Language is important

To gentrify means to renovate to middle class standards.

All communities DESERVE access to quality jobs, healthy food, safe & quality housing and to be surrounded by beauty and opportunity rather than vacants & abandoned buildings.

If we use gentrification as a negative, we are saying that progress is negative.

What IS negative is displacement, development without resident input & collaboration, lack of education on protecting residents from the impact of rising home values, narrow strategy that ignores the need for affordable housing...again, language is important. If we're pointing out the wrong culprit, how can we combat the right issues?

We MUST see the value and opportunity in our neighborhood FIRST and have ownership ALWAYS!


Through education, by returning to the 'hood to live, share and impact, by BUYING BACK OUR BLOCKS!

Get involved. Join the community association. Join city council & other political positions. Join local nonprofit boards.

Get your seat at the table so those "middle class standards" are defined by those who are focused on the well-being of current and future residents. 
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