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• Construction, Contractors, & Managing Rehab
• Analyzing Deals
• Wealth through Real Estate Panel

Our vision at Charm City Buyers has always been to build the #NEXTGEN of investors in Charm City and beyond.

With that, we are committed to providing the opportunity to not only learn but for those getting started to connect and find ways to collaborate.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

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March event?

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We offer information and educational resources that will help you to get involved in the Real Estate investing world. We share our real life experiences and methods that have allowed for us to earn a 7 figure income right out of college.


  • Setting the right foundation - strong, durable, and long lasting - at times requires us to dig through all the crap. Level things out and start from scratch.

We're in a critical time period in Baltimore. There's a political "changing of the guards", tons of momentum in the development space and a super hot market eager to buy.

But without the right foundation, we can't build...or at least can't do so well.

We aim to make sure investors know that Baltimore is ripe for investment and have the foundation to succeed here.

Let's not let Baltimore be another example of a city rebuilt "overnight" like DC, Brooklyn and now Philly.

We can lay the foundation brick by brick...together.

Join us for our FREE class "Why Baltimore, Why Now". Link in bio to join.
  • You can barely turn on your phone without some wild video or story about profiling, brutality or just pure ignorance.

It's exhausting. It's disheartening. It's scary.

Systemic racism runs deep. It's not just white hoods anymore. It's an assumption of guilt and leveraging 911 or a badge as a weapon - open & willingly - anywhere, anytime for virtually any reason. 
As you stay aware of everything happening outside, protect your mind. Don't let the constant barrage of videos and clips become overwhelming. Take breaks. Meditate.

We each have a role in shifting how our children will experience tomorrow's world. To beat the system is to dismantle it...from all angles.

What's your role? *Artist - Michael Rosato*
  • We're creating a movement and the vision comes closer to reality each day.

Our goals are 2 fold:

1. Make sure our daughter inherits a world where she is one of many rather than a unicorn. Finances, real estate, and entrepreneurship are terms & concepts she was born into. We want her surrounded by peers with a shared experience.

2. Baltimore is a land of opportunity. We have the responsibility to see that opportunity FIRST (rather than after Starbucks pops up) while also taking a community first approach to development. No need to repeat what was done before in Harlem, DC, Brooklyn, etc.

Part of bringing the vision to reality is education and access to resources. That's why we're hosting a free class sharing what makes Baltimore ripe for investing.

Link in bio or to join!
  • I wonder what memories she'll hold onto as she gets older... We were pregnant during our first deal. She's been on this journey through it all.

Late nights, early mornings, midday rehab check-ins... I wonder if she'll remember the "befores" and still appreciate the "afters" 
Part of her inheritance is knowing what some people may think is farfetched - redeveloping communities, building wealth through real estate, creating generational change - is just how she grew up...its reality.

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