Charm City Buyers was founded  when we purchased our first property in Connecticut in September of 2012. We had an idea that we wanted to build our own Empire, so we developed a plan to do it!

We started completely from scratch, with no formal training, (which we don’t at all recommend) this was no easy task to accomplish.

We’ve had so much success in building and maintaining our empire, that the next logical step in the progression is to educate other young entrepreneurs like ourselves so that you too can build your own Real Estate empire and individual wealth.

Almost 5 years later we’re still going strong and have been able to officially retire from the rat race and focus all of our efforts on maintaining our empire and helping others to build their own.

The goal of the Charm City Buyers’ online wealth building community is to provide you with”real”  insights into the world of Real Estate Investing. We want to share the behind the scenes information that we call the REAL on Real Estate, that most other investors or Real Estate Consultants just  aren’t able to offer.

We’ve developed a proven results based system based that has allowed us to have extraordinary  success in the area of Real Estate Investing at a very young age. We want to teach fellow Millennials and Generation Xers how to build a tremendous amount of wealth in a very short period of time.



We offer information and educational resources that will help you to get involved in the Real Estate investing world. We share our real life experiences and methods that have allowed for us to earn a 7 figure income right out of college.


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