“Us” Vs “Them”: Investing In The Community

“Us” Vs “Them”: Investing In The Community

When you look at most, if not all, urban communities you’ll find a group of people discussing gentrification. Doesn’t matter if the discussion is about what happened or predictions about what to come. What you don’t usually hear discussed is how we, collectively, can create safe and healthy environments for current residents.

Every property that we have purchased as part of our business has been in an area that is ripe for what “gentrifiers” might look for in a neighborhood. Those characteristics tend to include a higher than average vacancy rate, lower than average employment, low property values and a predominately Black neighborhood. For us, our goal is to take vacant eyesores in communities of potential and create a home where there was once the shell of a house. This is contrary to the cash out mentality of those who displace.

It is interesting to think about what would happen if more like us were willing to take the risk and make the commitment to do the same. What if WE, collectively invested in the future of our communities through home ownership? What if we took action to rebuild the Baltimores and Philadelphias instead of watching others come in and do it for “us”, without “us” then kick “us” to the curb?

Personally, I think we are in a unique position to take advantage of all the “hotep” enlightenment going around and take some action. If not as individuals then as a collective. We have some folks organizing rallies, some writing articles and think pieces, others inciting thought leadership and comradery. I’m ready to encourage those willing to take the leap into entrepreneurship through real estate – so we continue to build ownership in the communities we all fight so hard to protect. Who’s with me?
…no, but seriously…

Contact us for more information and lets chat about the what, how and where. Let’s make it happen.