A Swift Launch

A Swift Launch

When our journey in real estate began….well it just began. We knew nothing but the fact that we wanted to get started in a state and city we knew little to nothing about.  We had some cash as recent college grads with deferred loans (who knew how fast that first 6 months could go?!) and pretty decent professional careers.

We bought a 3-family vacant shell in Hartford, CT for $26k cash.  There was no electricity, boarded up windows, stolen copper and $8k in back taxes. Of course, we also didn’t have a decent plan (but everything is 20/20 in hindsight).  We did, however, have the drive and determination to find a way to create 3 homes out of an eyesore in a neighborhood with a troubled past. So we did just that.

Almost 3 years, 7 homes and several tenants later – we still find ourselves questioning our plan, our progress and what the heck we’re thinking. It’s at those times that we remind ourselves of a Facebook post from one of our first tenants saying she “never thought she would ever have the opportunity to live in a place like this”.

Our mission for buying and holding real estate (rentals) is to provide quality housing in “forgotten” neighborhoods – usually plagued with vacant houses and crime. Although that mission can come with a unique set of challenges, we take pride in providing quality housing.  Quality housing is an integral part of the health of a community.

We hope to share our stories to inspire, motivate and inform.  Investing in real estate is a fantastic vehicle to earn wealth, impact lives and communities and a great way to get a headache.  We hope to share the good, bad and the ugly as we continue to learn new things each day.